Women Be Careful in Parties & Etiquette and Human Decency Should Be Courses in Schools

Ladies can party but should be careful. And especially schools have failed when it comes to making men not predators and preventing rape from happening and preventing sexual assault. They did a terrible job teaching this in schools it should be a course and you should not advance to the next grade unless you get an A. If you get less than an A you should repeat a year or be in a special program. This should not be taught through tests but through behavior and example and observation. Not example as in scenarios so it doesn't get taken seriously but through actual experience and reports. If there were courses on proper behavior, etiquette, respect, and proper parenting and teaching and instilling respect in our kids and later adults, many things would be so much better. They did a cheap job of teaching us in school and assemblies and bad role models, parenting, and social groups are also a factor especially if you don't have a strong enough mind. Proper behavior and etiquette and human decency and respect for one another should be courses in schools and instilled in us as children. Courses include parenting and holding each other accountable and listening when we behave poorly and how we talk to one another and that will mold us into better adults. It starts at a young age.

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