What is the Matter with You?

Everything is sexualized nowadays. Women butt ass naked. Men in underwear or being disrespectful and crude. Joking every now and then and comedy is another thing. But acting like this for real as facts and believing it you are an idiot.

I use a swim suit classic physique trunks or shorts and show my muscles for bodybuilding and progress purposes but not an underwear photo. Not covered up my penis while naked or showing pubes in a pants, shorts or towel. Not showing my ass cheeks.

Drugs and violence. People lost their damn minds. It was always in society but more than ever. Social media promotes it and children from young to early 30s behave like this. Even 40s and 50s if you are in the entertainment industry and TV for ratings and viewing pleasure to make money acting a fool. A bunch of clownery. When you call them out they call you judgmental. People are judgmental everyone is. If not externally then internally. People always have an opinion on what others are doing even if it is not an intelligent one. People will be judgmental and express their opinion if the person they don't want to hear it is not there only because that person will give them hell for it. Also you can be nice and accepting but everyone no matter who you are has a limit to what is acceptable.

People can feel any way they feel we are not all the same or have the same beliefs that is what makes us unique but there are things that are universally bad like hate groups white supremacy being one of them and Neo Nazis. Those people need to be extinguished and die off. Any group that is there to hate people without knowing them and wants to harm, target and kill a person or group for their race and identity need to face elimination.

Preaching being disrespectful is cool or you are lame. Disrespecting women is the standard now and women settle for that only stupid and weak brain washed women do and when a good man comes they are not good enough. These types women often have low self esteem and self worth and are immature and lied to by society in what makes a good man or partner and good men who are seen as lames are not good enough for them because of the man's status and group think or what they heard from others. A woman that knows their worth and truly wants love will have high standards of who they date or choose to be with. They won't tolerate disrespect. If they do they should break up with them. If they are scared of the man or the man has power over them where they will get hurt then someone needs to help or they need intervention to stop this.

These are very bad and stupid men. Bullying weaker people even in groups. Some it's a learned behavior and some men are faking alpha male behavior calling people betas and are insecure. Beta male whoop de diddly doo I am so insulted you acrimonious jaded little shit with a bad father figure who didn't love you so acting hard is your only way out. Harden up your hearts man kindness is not weakness a real man is kind until they get stepped on. A stronger man will turn the other cheek.

If you turn the other cheek all the time the animal instinct in you will maul the aggressor like a bear this is why people snap and public shootings by these demented fuks happen. Because you abuse and bully them and they feel hated and nobody cares about them they feel so if they don't kill themselves they will kill anyone. That is why you be nice to people.

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