The Greatest Fake Naturals Article on the Net & How You Can Be Great Naturally & Body Dysmorphia

I and many others in drug tested strength sports and athletic federations and lifestyles represent true Natural potential that is achievable for everyone with better information nowadays on how to exercise or do things for optimal results. Powerlifting getting a lot more exposure and appreciation over the last couple years, but I feel like natural powerlifting is now destroyed. Too many fake natties. So corrupt.

Who’s even natural in drug free anymore? People getting busted who are at the top. And some of these guys with their physiques in usapl or ipf, it’s a joke. Natural bodybuilding federations especially Musclemania supposed natural bodybuilders of the highest caliber almost all of the best ones are not natty. I went to a few amateur natural bodybuilding competitions to support a mutual friend and even in the amateur leagues, some were truly natural and that good. Others not necessarily that impressive where suspicious or clearly not natty. If not the muscle size it's how ripped they are. They use diuretics, clenbuterol, and other cutting agents. Even DMT which is a major fat burner that is extremely dangerous. These are not anabolic steroids as they don't make you stronger now build muscle but are PEDs as they burn fat and enhance your physique in ways that are damn near impossible to do without diet and exercise. So much obvious gear usage. It’s sad.

We know in our hearts of hearts a small group of true naturals with elite strength, with hopes of big dreams being achieved someday! Unfortunately some of the guys either are that genetic freak and natural and that much better or fake natties like the rest of them. Some of them are lying. Some of them are telling the truth. You can never tell. I have been around freaks all my life through football and other sports and school and some who didn't even lift or rarely lift and can be considered in the freak conservation. Even them I'd be silly to leave out the possibility some didn't take steroids but others are actually natural and still made the NFL. I met one due in college with big muscles and benched 350lbs and he said he rarely ever works out that is a near one in a billion genetics and he wasn't lying. Then again you can't truly vouch for anyone nor do you know anyone behind closed doors. You can only trust and speculate and believe and use what you see in front of your eyes.

There are some people who don't choose the sport and are bigger than normal just like few people like my brother included who eat so much but had a flat stomach since childhood and stays shredded year round and when he bulks up it is near 100% all muscle. The doctor says he has a genetic condition that keeps him lean. But that is very few people. USAPL and IPF there are few liars or more liars than we think. Or some tell the truth. We would never know unfortunately we just have to speculate and we get crucified if we say otherwise.

However I truly believe some who were good are natural. Until a good amount of them get caught. But many are suspect and that will always happen when you are that good. Whether you are freak strong and jacked or even freak strong with a piss poor physique or fat but still strong as people like Kelly Branton who you wouldn't think uses as he is fat but bench pressing 600lbs and squatting 900lbs he got popped for using PEDs. Even Mohammad Bouafia who held the drug tested all time world record squat for the 140kg/308lb weight class in one point got popped for PEDs. You can never tell if anyone uses or not.

We can only do it for ourselves and represent natural lifting through ourselves and be true naturals. Whether people believe us or not that is not our problem. People will always have their beliefs and its nobody's place to change them its our own place to get the job done and succeed. Unfortunately some do it through corruption but some are actually that good and telling the truth but so good that it doesn't seem possible most of the time even with drugs. There are even people who no matter what think I am on low doses of anabolics and I am nothing that special compared to the talent today but I on the other hand knowing my size and strength can see how someone can see why I take stuff.

The world is unfair and you have to survive at the end of the day. You have families to feed. You need a bed to sleep in. Food to eat. A roof under your head. And a pot to piss in. You also need to pay for your future, your family's future, and future medical or current medical bills. Even if you tell the truth and do everything right, there will always be people that hate you, think you are an inferior intellect and bad person, think you are incompetent, or think you are dishonest and a cheater. And if you are truly a con man, they will think you are a saint until they catch you duping them and some would be so engrossed in their time spend invested in how much they love you that it is too late and you are forever revered even if you are exposed as a quack. Also it can be due to already building a big fan base or amount of money they have and people they inspire and feats they have done or how they look or how intelligent they seem or their charisma or how well they talk and express themselves.

Then there are honest PED users. They get respect from many in the community and peers who understand what they do and the fact that they have to choose to use PEDs to achieve their specific goals. Then the other end that see honest PED users as cheaters and scum of the earth because the media demonizes steroids yet glorifies recreational drugs and alcohol because it is considered cool. And also if you are honest about steroid use one of the main problems is a young or inexperienced dumbass who thinks they have bad genetics will use them eventually because at first they hate steroids because of the media. These same people use steroids later on when they find out how hard they have to work.

I personally think it can be done naturally. You have to spend a very long time at least 10 years maybe even 15 or 20 years or more and progress and learn everything you need to know about exercise. To be great at anything you need to progress, fail, and keep improving. You also have to have the internal drive to desire to do it and be willing to learn and not quit when it gets hard for a long period of time. If you truly love what you do even if you are struggling you won't ultimately quit or take a long time off unless you are resting and have other life priorities to handle that will improve your quality of life better.

What One Can Achieve With 10 Plus Years of Training Correctly without Steroids or other PEDs. I can get you there if you hire me:

Why Steroids Will Always Dominate Sports Even True Naturals in Professional Sports. At the end of the day people want to see someone impressive and freaks. The common human doesn't know who is natural or on PEDs they will believe anything if they don't have enough experience or are exposed enough to the lifestyle.

The Uneducated Fake Natty or Even Steroid User Giving This Advice That Only Works for Steroid Users. I believe some have good intentions they are just that uneducated. If you truly don't know and are trying to help because you want to help it is not truly out of ripping people off or malice. It just means that natural lifter needs to find a natural lifter who knows what they are talking about when it comes it training. And no it doesn't mean lift balls to the walls and heavy all the time though there are times for it and times to be kind to your body. It is more about doing the right movements and following the right diet and recovery. Also enjoying it and the movements you have to built for and still able to do if you have injuries.

Likely Signs of a Fake Natural. There are few people who attribute some to all of these traits that truly natural. But what do I know?

Whether someone else is natural or not. If you truly want it bad enough and are willing to spend your life doing it and progressing in all ways, you will achieve a lot more than you even expected. Use others to build a community or as friendly goals and competition. Not to feel low about your own abilities. We all start somewhere. Every small victory and getting better overtime with times you are weaker than before is what matters the most. Life and any endeavour is about outlasting everyone and making it to the end. Even if you having achieved the most. It's about who has done it the longest.

With body dysmorphia on the rise and social media pointing picture perfect bodies and lifestyles, we tend to feel more insecure and hate how we look even if we look good. It's never enough and we always want more. The desire to want to improve is good and should always be there and give you something to shoot for but not with the expense of your own happiness and doing something destructive to achieve a certain look or strength goal. Unfortunately because of standards today and the human limit being pushed it's become a giant circus and people play Russian roulette with their lives when it comes to food and drugs and exercising and lead to bad health and severe injuries. This will make you great in a sport and physical sense of the human limit but if you are willing to suffer the consequences at least know what you are getting into and have no regrets. Also this influences people either young teenagers or young adults or elderly to do TRT or botox or plastic surgery which can enhance your look plastic surgery and TRT enhancing sex drive if you have low testosterone and give you muscle and strength if you are weak or losing muscle. TRT and HRT if you have predisposed medical conditions can accelerate death and illness and disease which will happen anyway. Or some make it okay. Women look better at times with botox, butt implants, face lifts, and breast implants and nose jobs and lip filler and whatever. It takes one botch job to mess shit up and most women get into this because they see others who they consider beautiful or like whatever bodypart that maybe a guy rejected them for and they want it. Or they got made fun of by guys or ladies about what gives them pain so plastic surgery to fix it. Same with men. They lift weights because they were either bullied or insecure about being too skinny or being too fat and think a manly man or alpha male is strong and muscular at times the ladies will love them. If a dude is also too ugly and they hate it they also get face lift or botox or if they want to look better it's not only ladies. We just have to not use what people don't like against them whether it's a look or ability or personality trait and try to talk to and treat everyone with respect and truly have each others good intentions and help one another out. However one can be greedy and selfish and it;s dog eat dog world.

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