Don't Be Mean to Beginners, We All Start Somewhere, Nobody Can Do it All

I am never clowning or mean to beginners. I used to clown beginners at times before I knew what it was like to truly be a beginner and be treated like garbage for being a beginner. Until then you humble up. Doesn't mean I don't clap back at those who want to talk down on my abilities or bash me in general I don't tolerate disrespect to the extent that instead of being the bigger person I will insult you. Personality flaw and I am not perfect but doesn't mean I won't improve you can always improve. We all start somewhere. Some beginners either laugh at other beginners or are jealous of people who don't have what they wish they had. Then the opposite end of the spectrum people who are good at what they do who look down on beginners or people worse than them. Whether they are above average, average, good, or the best. My point is no matter what stage an a-hole is an a-hole. Nobody starts something or comes into something succeeding. Nobody knows it all or can do it all. Some people simply don't know better and have less sources of information others have. Some people haven't developed the skills to get better or good research skills or had a good teacher. Some people have a different way of learning things and different ability to do specific things than others. We all can get better but to a certain degree than others and we all have to pick the right skills. Our environment and background and people we are around also molds our abilities. Even the way we think. Even in America where information is there not everyone has the research skills or a good coach or teacher or parent or friend or someone they look up to who taught them the most efficient way of doing things. This happens all over the world.

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